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Decorate a notebook

Sometimes, notebooks are ugly, but it is easy to change.

En förvandlad anteckningsbok

My book is in A5 format and completely white. If it is not white, you can paint the covers with gesso or white acrylic paint before you start.

Öppna en spiralrygg
I started to gently break up the spiral in the back so that I could remove the covers. Let the sides stay in the spiral and put them aside. Mark the inside of the covers which one to sit back and front and which side is up. Write in the middle of the cover, so you do not cover the note when you place the napkin. This helps if you have a napkin motifs that run in a certain direction.

Dela servetten för att få fram mönsterlagret
Select the napkin you want and carefully remove the two white layers so you only have a thin layer with the pattern on. To my covers so it only took a coffee napkin to each.

Applicera limmet/lacket
Add some glue in the middle on the cover (face-up). Do not cover the entire cover, you may have problems with wrinkles when you put on the napkin. If you have cut out shapes from the napkins and intend to put them on, you can glue on larger surface. But if you do what I do here, start with a stroke in the middle.

Placera servetten och jobba in lacket i ett solmönster
Add your napkin and do not move it since it rests on the glue. Make sure you have the napkin off the cover, it will be folded into the back a little later.
Take plenty of glue on the brush and work on top of the napkin in a sun pattern. You can pull very gently on the napkin to avoid as much folds. The folds are not visible much once it has dried. Do not work all the way out to the edge. The napkin shrinks a bit so it will not be smooth all the way out.
Keep in mind that the tissue absorbs the glue and break easily, both when you pull it, and when you work on it with the brush. If it were to go hole somewhere, you can tear a napkin in the same color and repair the hole with it. Torn edges blend together more than trimmed edges.

Klipp till hörnenFold the edges toward the rear on all sides and work with the glue until it is neat. To get neat edges, it is easier if the napkin is a little wet from both sides. Be careful not to brake the napkin in the folds when you fold it. Let dry until completely dry.

Skär ut hålen med skalpell
Add a cutting surface under the cover and cut out holes for the spiral. To get the best looking, it is easiest to cut from both sides. If it is a little loose at any hole you can put on some more glue.
Dress the second binder in the same manner as the first and let both dry thoroughly.

Snygga till insidan av pärmen
To make the inside look good, trim the colored card stock and glue it in place. Make sure the holes are left free so you will not have to cut them out again.

Put together your notebook again by putting the front cover on the spiral with thw fron side up. Then put on the back cover face down. Pinch the coil so that the pages can't fall out and fold your notebook again.

Stämpla ett ord rakt
Take some plain paper and stamp the word you want to decorate the front. To get it just right, you can attach a post-it and use that line when you stamp your letters. Cut out your words and mount either directly on the notebook or only a little more plain paper so you get a box around the word.

(The word on my book says "Notes")

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